Why Website Personalization Will Be A Requirement In 2023

Website personalization, while currently only in its infancy, is an incredibly powerful and useful way for both marketers and businesses to present their products in the best possible light to their prospective customers. Through the use of first-party cookie data curated from stored customer information, companies can create fully tailored and customized experiences that are wholly unique. This is done, in no small part, thanks to the development of headless content management system, also known as headless CMS.

Below, we will go over some of the more immediate and pressing reasons why the implementation of personalized websites will become an essential requirement by late 2022, if not the start of 2023.

Reason #1. More Effective Lead Generation

It’s no secret that the process of generating qualified and viable leads is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. With the public outcry pushing hard against the use of third-party cookies, it’s only a matter of time before all marketers will have are first-party cookies, which are only going to be available for the platforms themselves.

Not only will website personalization be more effective at natively generating leads, but it will do so while requiring less strain and resources as a result.

Reason #2. Shortened Sale Cycle

Another reason in favor of website personalization comes by way of its reduction in the sale cycle. This doesn’t mean that there will be fewer sales made – quite the contrary. In reality, sales should run through and complete much faster with far fewer changes or cancellations.

This, again, is thanks to the stored data from first-party cookies. In one study, it was reported that over 75% of people would purchase from a retailer that knew their name, while nearly 50% of Amazon consumers noted that they would periodically check their recommendations before making a sale.

These are very serious numbers that, through the use of website personalization, can be resolved quite well, with the customer being spoken to directly by their marketing option.

Reason #3. More Relevant Product Offers & Specials

Lastly, more and more customers are showing a bigger interest in recommendations and offer given to them. By getting their information and applying it via website personalization, you will be able to readily match the right people with the right product. In a study, it was found that over 70% of people hated when presented with ads that were completely irrelevant to what they wanted.

By utilizing smarter campaigns with a greater amount of customer data to match, companies can give out offers and specials to customers with an increased chance that they will have an interest.…