Which doctor is best for braces in Studio City?

Which doctor is best for braces in Studio City?

For a perfect smile, you should contact a skilled Studio City orthodontist. An orthodontist specializes in moving teeth. Also, this doctor does not pull teeth or do fillings because the focus is on healthy bites and aesthetics.

Usually, dental specialists work together to provide more services. But if your goal is to fix your smile and get braces, it is better to contact an orthodontist and start from there.

How to find a good Studio City orthodontist

A full-fledged Studio City orthodontist went through dental school. So, every orthodontist is a dentist, but the opposite is not true. Dentists don’t go through the same residency. For clarity, they do not spend an extra two or three years just focusing on straightening the teeth and aesthetics.

Of course, the medical degree is only a part of the whole picture! Another vital detail is the type of orthodontics the doctor suggests as the solution. For instance, Invisalign is a new technology that provides stunning results and fixes malocclusions. No pain and no braces! But not every Studio City orthodontist will tell about that. Why?

State-of-the-Art equipment and methodologies require extra training and special care for their patients. So, not every orthodontist wants to go the extra mile when older techniques are still around.

Braces VS Invisalign

Braces work by bonding brackets onto each tooth. These brackets are like handlebars the Studio City orthodontist can stir with the use of different types of wires.

Over time, the wires change and become thicker and thicker. But more importantly, braces straighten your teeth quickly, especially early on because the teeth move with the wire. The downside is that the shifting is usually painful. So much so that painkillers could be a viable option to curb the aching pain. This is why most people have not fond memories of their braces days.

Invisalign is the latest development in orthodontics and works by planning the work ahead of time. The Studio City orthodontist will have to take molds of your teeth to scan them. After that, patented software analyzes the data to generate a series of removable trays that move every tooth where it needs to be.

The patient only has to wear several trays that move each tooth ever so slightly with every new tray. In the end, the discomfort is minimal and only lasts a couple of days after each tray replacement. On the other hand, Invisalign costs a little bit more than braces. This is why it is better to consult a skilled orthodontist and not just a regular dentist.…